Our family has been crafting authentic Italian pizzas since 1964, and our new rising crust pizza might be our best yet. It’s loaded with toppings and has a thicker pizzeria-style crust that rises as it bakes. Palermo’s Rising Crust pizza is guaranteed to satisfy even the hungriest of families.

Where to Buy It:

Authentic Family Recipe

As a third-generation family-owned company founded by Sicilian immigrants, it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about pizza. Our new Rising Crust may be our best yet! It’s loaded with premium toppings and has a pizzeria-style crust that rises as it bakes.

A Better Crust

Our pizzeria-inspired crust is made in our own bakery, located in America’s heartland of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  We meticulously collect and mix the highest quality ingredients to craft the perfect crust.  Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, this is the perfect canvas to hold all the delicious toppings.   

Loaded with Toppings

Each pizza is generously topped with premium ingredients. Our four-cheese pizza is topped with a half-pound of real cheese, our four-meat pizza has over a half-pound of toppings (including bacon) and our pepperoni pizza is overflowing with pepperoni. With nine delicious varieties, you can be assured Palermo’s will satisfy the entire family.