The Palermo's Family

Palermo's is a family owned company that was founded by the Fallucca family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1964 and is still owned by the Fallucca family today! We are an entrepreneurial company that celebrates Italian culture to unite and serve others. 

Our Goal: To Deliver a Great Pizza Experience

50 Years of History

Take a tour down memory lane with Palermo's Pizza. Since our founding in 1954, we have grown but kept our core Italian heritage values.

50 Years of History

Take a tour down memory lane with Palermo's Pizza. Since our founding in 1954, we have grown but kept our core Italian heritage values.

1954 - The Journey

Palermo's founders, Gaspare Fallucca and his wife, Zina, immigrated to the U.S. taking with them the cherished family recipes and the Italian tradition of connecting food and family. They settled in Milwaukee, WI and were blessed with three sons, Peter, Giacomo and Angelo.

1964 - Milwaukee Beginnings

The company began as an Italian bakery on Milwaukee's east side. Initially selling Italian breads, cookies and cannoli, they began making Italian soups and sandwiches. Soon they acquired the hardware store next door and expanded.

1969 - Realizing a Dream

Gapare (Jack) and Zina opened a pizzeria & restaurant to satisfy customer demand for their homemade Italian foods. However, it was their pizza and pizza bread that really took off. Around the same time Palermo's was named “Milwaukee's Best Pizza ” in a Milwaukee Journal article, a local grocery store owner, impressed with their pizza products, urged Jack & ZIna to go into the frozen food business. The rest is history...

1979 - From Restaurateur to Frozen Pizza Manufacturer

The company began making frozen pizza breads and pizzas in an old bakery that was renovated into a manufacturing facility. These pizzas and breads were sold under the Palermo's brand name, and Jack Fallucca soon became known as "Papa Palermo."

1989 - Palermo's Innovates: First Rising Crust

Palermo's introduced a revolutionary new product – the first frozen pizza with a crust that rises while it bakes. It was an instant success, so much so that other pizza manufacturers quickly began developing their version of this crust.

1993 - Palermo's Enters Private Label Business

Palermo's exhibited at the national Private Label Manufacturing Show, which launched the company into the private label pizza business. At this time, Palermo's introduced the very first super premium private label pizza.

2003 - Innovation Continues with Primo Thin

Demonstrating innovation once again, Palermo's launched, Primo Thin, the first frozen, ultra thin pizza. The crispy & flakey cracker-like crust was an immediate hit and has since become recognized as the company's flagship brand.

2007 - Another New Creation: Hearth-Baked Crust

Using an imported Italian marble-hearth oven, Palermo's created the first domestic hearth-baked crust on a frozen pizza. The intense heat of the oven creates air pockets and gives the pizza a crispy crust, much like an Italian wood-fired pizza.

2010 - Palermo's Launches Pizzeria-Style Frozen Pizza

Palermo's introduced Hand Tossed Style Pizza, which was inspired by a pizzeria-style crust. The crust is crispy on the outside, but chewy in the middle, making it the perfect choice for family pizza night.

2012 - Introducing Flatbreads by Palermo's

Perfect as an appetizer or a meal for two, Flatbreads offer sophisticated flavor combinations on a hearth-baked crust.

2014 - 50th Anniversary

In celebration of their 50th anniversary, Palermo's wanted to deliver 50,000 pizzas to food banks country-wide. By the end of our tour we had donated over 75,000 pizzas helping to feed over 300,000 families! Check out our 50th Anniversary page for more details.

Social Mission


Palermo's Pizza

is a family business built on uniting and serving others through our Italian culture of hospitality. This commitment plays a central role in our relationship with society. Meeting our profit goals allows us to share with our employees and invest in our community through stewardship giving efforts, both of which are at the heart of the Palermo Way.

Product Mission

The mission of our products is to bring people and families together through the simple act of sharing a meal. Our commitment to product quality, authentic Italian tastes and manufacturing innovation is at the core of delivering a great pizza experience to all we serve.

Customers are the foundation of our business. We exist to meet their needs. They, in turn, trust us to be a socially responsible company. If customers are satisfied with our products and believe that our company reflects their personal values, then we will be successful.

Economic Mission

For our shareholders and stakeholders, our winning culture will ensure we meet our profit goals and drive an increase in sales year after year to provide for sustainable financial growth. We will continue to increase value for our shareholders and stakeholders, and provide opportunities to grow our investment in the business, in our employees and in the community.