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Since our Italian beginnings as a neighborhood pizzeria, we have made pizza with just one goal in mind, to deliver a great experience. Browse our crust styles below or find your favorite fast by using our pizza search.

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Palermo's is passionate about making a great product and giving you plenty of choices. In addition to a product description, we understand the importance of providing nutritional information so you can make informed decisions.

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Primo Thin

On top of an all natural, ultra-thin crispy crust, we add hand-crafted sauces and a rich selection of toppings.

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A hand tossed, pizzeria-style crust that's crispy on the outside and perfectly chewy in the inside.

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An abundance of rich, decadent toppings sit atop a crispy hearth-baked crust that resembles Italian wood-fired pizzas for a taste of Italy at home!

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Our breakfast pizzas feature a hearty rising crust and are loaded with unique toppings and sauces.

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Our value pizza line is available in more than a dozen flavor varieties all atop an original thin crust.

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Rising Crust

Thick, fresh rising crust covered with savory tomato sauce, and layered with mozzarella cheese and delicious hand selected toppings.

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P’MOs is our overly topped, fully loaded Pub style pizza. Enjoy your choice toppings smothered in Mozzarella cheese on a crispy thin crust.

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