Nutritional Info

Palermo’s is passionate about making a great product and giving consumers plenty of choices.  In addition to a product description, we understand the importance of providing nutritional information so consumers can make informed decisions and avoid any potential allergens.


Health & Wellness Information:
- Soy - Milk - Wheat - Egg - Mustard
Serving Size Calories Fat Sodium Carbs Allergens
Primo Thin Cheese Lovers Pizza 1/3 Pizza (138g) 330 17g 690mg 27g
Primo Thin Special Edition Pepperoni Pizza 1/3 Pizza (139g) 370 21g 890mg 25g
Primo Thin Supreme Pizza 1/3 Pizza (156g) 370 22g 970mg 28g
Primo Thin Margherita Pizza 1/3 Pizza (147g) 290 15g 690mg 26g
Primo Thin Italian Sausage Pizza 1/4 Pizza (135g) 320 19g 850mg 23g
Primo Thin Fire Roasted Ham & Pineapple Pizza 1/4 Pizza (126g) 220 9g 560mg 22g
Primo Thin Garden Pizza 1/3 Pizza (156g) 270 12g 680mg 28g
Primo Thin Fajita Pizza 1/4 Pizza (120g) 250 12g 530mg 21g
Primo Thin Spinach, Bacon & Feta Pizza 1/3 Pizza (134g) 250 11g 600mg 25g
Primo Thin Sicilian Pizza 1/3 Pizza (134g) 340 19g 1020mg 26g
Primo Thin California Recipe Chicken Pizza 1/3 Pizza (149g) 300 13g 660mg 25g
Primo Thin Mediterranean Vegetable Pizza 1/3 Pizza (151g) 240 9g 530mg 26g
Naturally Rising Rosa's 4 Cheese Pizza 1/6 Pizza (130g) 310 10g 670mg 41g
Naturally Rising Vinny's Pepperoni Pizza 1/6 Pizza (131g) 310 11g 730mg 40g
Naturally Rising Guido's Italian Sausage Pizza 1/6 Pizza (135g) 330 13g 740mg 41g
Naturally Rising Mario's 3 Meat Pizza 1/6 Pizza (132g) 330 13g 780mg 40g
Naturally Rising Vito's Supreme Pizza 1/6 Pizza (142g) 330 12g 760mg 41g
Hand Tossed Style Cheese Pizza 1/4 Pizza (136g) 310 13g 870mg 34g
Hand Tossed Style Italian Sausage Pizza 1/5 Pizza (125g) 290 14g 890mg 28g
Hand Tossed Style Combination Pizza 1/4 Pizza (150g) 360 18g 1130mg 35g
Hand Tossed Style Pepperoni Pizza 1/4 Pizza (143g) 340 15g 1050mg 34g
Hand Tossed Style Supreme Pizza 1/5 Pizza (133g) 300 15g 930mg 28g
Hand Tossed Style Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pizza 1/4 Pizza (130g) 290 12g 750mg 33g
Hand Tossed Style Meat Lovers Pizza 1/4 Pizza (144g) 370 18g 1060mg 34g
Hand Tossed Style Philly Style CheeseSteak Pizza 1/4 Pizza (142g) 280 9g 690mg 35g
Roasted Vegetable Flatbreads 1/3 Flatbread (145g) 240 10g 530mg 26g
BBQ Chicken Flatbreads 1/3 Flatbread (137g) 300 13g 850mg 26g
Pepperoni & Roasted Garlic Flatbreads 1/2 Flatbread (164g) 410 24g 1000mg 30g
Italian Sausage & Mushroom Flatbreads 1/3 Flatbread (124g) 250 14g 670mg 21g
Spinach & Goat Cheese Flatbreads 1/2 Flatbread (124g) 340 20g 600mg 27g
Mozzarella & Pesto Flatbreads 1/2 Flatbread (135g) 320 16g 720mg 29g
Breakfast Style Original Breakfast Pizza 1/5 Pizza (144g) 350 15g 830mg 40g
Breakfast Style Biscuits & Gravy Pizza 1/5 Pizza (140g) 330 14g 980mg 41g
Classics by Palermo's Cheese Pizza 1/3 Pizza (123 g) 240 9g 640mg 28g
Classics by Palermo's Pepperoni Pizza 1/3 Pizza (128g) 280 13g 790mg 30g
Classics by Palermo's Sausage Pizza 1/3 Pizza (125g) 250 10g 670mg 30g
Classics by Palermo's Combination Pizza 1/3 Pizza (123g) 260 11g 720mg 29g
Classics by Palermo's Supreme Pizza 1/3 Pizza (127g) 250 11g 700mg 29g
Classics by Palermo's Hamburger Pizza 1/3 Pizza (122g) 250 10g 630mg 30g
Classics by Palermo's Sausage & Mushroom Pizza 1/3 Pizza (127g) 230 8g 600mg 29g
Classics by Palermo's Deluxe Pizza 1/3 Pizza (138g) 240 9g 640mg 30g
Classics by Palermo's Taco Pizza 1/3 Pizza (123g) 240 8g 700mg 30g
Classics by Palermo's Cheeseburger Pizza 1/3 Pizza (118g) 250 10g 620mg 29g
Classics by Palermo's 3 Meat Pizza 1/3 Pizza (122g) 260 11g 700mg 29g
Classics by Palermo's Canadian Style Bacon Pizza 1/3 Pizza (118g) 220 7g 600mg 29g
Organic Three Cheese 1/3 Pizza (137g) 330 8g 870mg 47g
Organic Spinach & Feta 1/3 Pizza (155g) 340 9g 1000mg 48g
Organic Tomato & Basil 1/3 Pizza (156g) 340 9g 940mg 49g