Our Commitment

Palermo’s is committed to giving back to the community. In fact, stewardship is a key part of the culture of our organization. Palermo's has a passionate approach, caring for our employees, the community and the environment.  We pride ourselves in staying true to our vision and are excited to share highlights that reflect this spirit.

We Care for Our Own

Palermo's is committed to retaining a quality workforce by providing our employees with an excellent wage and benefit package, as well as programs and activities that continually engage and motivate them. Learn more about how we care for our own.

Palermo's has been certified by The Good Jobs. Check out our company profile.

We Care for the Community

Being a responsible corporate citizen is an important part of our social mission. We support the communities in which we do business through sponsorships, stewardship and fundraising that helps them thrive. Learn more about how we care for the community.

We Care for the Environment

Beyond our local community we take great care to be green and do our part to preserve the environment for future generations to come. Learn more about how we care for the environment