We are an entrepreneurial company that celebrates Italian culture to unite and serve others. 

Social Mission

Palermo's Pizza is a family business built on uniting and serving others through our Italian culture of hospitality. This commitment plays a central role in our relationship with society. Meeting our profit goals allows us to share with our employees and invest in our community through stewardship giving efforts, both of which are at the heart of the Palermo Way.

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Product Mission

The mission of our products is to bring people and families together through the simple act of sharing a meal. Our commitment to product quality, authentic Italian tastes and manufacturing innovation is at the core of delivering a great pizza experience to all we serve.

Customers are the foundation of our business. We exist to meet their needs. They, in turn, trust us to be a socially responsible company. If customers are satisfied with our products and believe that our company reflects their personal values, then we will be successful.

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Economic Mission

For our shareholders and stakeholders, our winning culture will ensure we meet our profit goals and drive an increase in sales year after year to provide for sustainable financial growth. We will continue to increase value for our shareholders and stakeholders, and provide opportunities to grow our investment in the business, in our employees and in the community.