Palermo's Cares for the Environment

Our commitment to the environment runs through everything we do. It includes: 

  • Recycling: We recycle paper, plastic cans, wood and oil
  • Green Space: We support Three Bridges Park and the Hank Aaron Trail because we believe in maintaining the city's green space. We also support Stew Crew and partake in caring for the Menomonee Valley
  • Water Conservation: Our no-water lawn and Villa plantings are environmentally friendly
  • Waste Repurposing: We repurpose our food waste for livestock
  • Energy Conservation: Our lighting features occupancy sensors to cut back on energy consumption
  • Packaging: Our packaging is made from sustainable materials
  • Partnerships: We have joined with the following Menomonee Valley partners to support their efforts to educate and maintain an environmentally conscious city: