Fundraising efforts tend to be the most successful when you have an enthusiastic seller and a buyer that likes the offering. Have we mentioned that Palermo’s Pizza offers fundraising opportunities? What a perfect match!

Palermo’s Lends Itself to Fundraising

When you partner with Palermo’s Pizza for your fundraising efforts, we provide you with a number of key benefits:

  • Lower cost & higher profits – You deal directly with Palermo’s, so more of the money stays with your organization.
  • Brand awareness – The pizzas you sell are Palermo’s brand pizzas.  Not only is Palermo’s a recognized, trusted brand, but it is also one of the fastest growing brands in the industry.
  • Incentives – We can help set sales incentives to meet the goals of individual organizations.

We offer a comprehensive fundraising program from start to finish:

  • Planning – We will assist you in setting target sales goals, ideal program timing and estimating the number of people selling product.
  • Convenience – Delivery is always FREE.  We will develop a schedule that is convenient for you and your organization.
  • Tasting – A free tasting party will be coordinated so your sales people know the products they are selling and can do so with confidence.
  • Sales material – We’ll provide full-color sales collateral and order forms, further reducing your program costs.
  • Risk-free returns – If someone who has ordered product moves away or can’t take delivery for whatever reason, we will accept product returns at no cost to you.

 For more information, contact Joe Heaney at 414-232-2678.